Green Apron 100mg CBD Camasatra Soap - 6 Pack

Green Apron

Green Apron 100mg CBD Camasatra Soap - 6 Pack

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Handmade and cruelty-free, Green Apron is setting the bar high in the range of sanitary products with its new CBD herbal body soap range. The unique and enticing range of herbal body soaps by Green Apron fits best for skin types of all kinds. These herbal body soaps also do not contain any harmful synthetic ingredients namely: propylene, PEG, sulfate, parabens or phenoxyethanol, etc. These contents are commonly infused into soaps and they may risk your epidermal health. Green Apron prioritizes the health concerns of its consumers by providing one hundred per cent natural and safe products. After all, the skin is the human body’s largest organ; it should be handled with gentleness.

Aside from the pleasure of its fragrance, lavender also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics. Organic smooth handmade soap formulated with lavender oil can benefit patients with skin problems such as minor burns, scabies and dermatitis. Other than that, it can effectively reduce redness and blemishes on the skin. Neroli is an aromatic essential oil obtained from the flowers of the orange tree and is frequently used in skincare products to moisturize and help relax aged skin. Neroli oil is known to alleviate tension, stress and anxiety. The scent of this tropical and upbeat soap is very floral, soft and citrusy. Moving forward, Ylang-ylang handmade soap has a stimulating effect on the skin, making it ideal for all kinds of skin.

In other words, it controls oil formation in the skin and balances excessively dry and extremely oily skin. Furthermore, its scent is known to induce aromatherapy and reduce stress levels. The scent of Ylang Ylang is also said to boost the libido.

Incorporating all these wonderful essential oils into soap is surely going to make a spectacular end product. Luckily, Green Apron has created such products for gaining the trust and loyalty of its customers.

Key Features:
- No sulfate
- No parabens
- No phenoxyethanol
- PEG free
- No propylene
- Handmade
- Excellent foaming
- Moisturizes substantially from a high glycerine content
- Provides a pleasant skin feel
- Vegan friendly
- Cruelty free
- Anti-aging
- Anti inflammatory

Ingredients: 100 mg CBD, Lavender essential oils, Ylang Ylang essential oils, Neroli essential oils, High glycerine content, Vegetable based

THC content<0.2%