How Can You Enhance The Battery Life Of Your Vape?

How Can You Enhance The Battery Life Of Your Vape?

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We’ve indeed come a long way since the early days of e-cigarettes where disposable batteries were still a thing. Nowadays, just like most portable devices, vapes rely on rechargeable batteries to deliver the perfect vaping experience you need – any time, anywhere. Proper maintenance of your vape can help you in extending its life, especially the battery because it’s one of the most crucial components of a vape. Moreover, with the ideal care, you don’t have to worry about replacing your battery too often. 

It should be known that batteries don’t have an infinite lifespan and the more they are used, the lesser their health gets. Therefore, to help you maximise your vape’s battery life over time, we have created this comprehensive guide containing all the essential tips & tricks that you need to know.

Ideal Suggestions To Maximise Your Vape’s Battery Life

  1. Remember To Turn Off Your E-Cigarette When Not In Use

Before you decide to buy cannabis oil online in the UK for vaping, you must learn to turn off your e-cigarette when you’re not using or have finished using it. Even if you’re not using your vape but have the power button switched on, the device will continue to drain the battery over time. Therefore, by turning off the power button, you’ll be able to retain more battery power, so that the next time you want to vape, you’ll have enough juice present in the battery cell. 

  1. Use Your Vape Regularly

Batteries remain in great condition when they’re used regularly. Leaving them unused over a long period can not only deplete their power but also destroy the in-built cells. Therefore, you have to ensure that you use your vape regularly so that you can keep its battery in good condition over an extended period. 

Daily usage of even five minutes will be enough to keep your vape’s battery in ideal condition. 

  1. Always Use The Correct Charger

According to a reliable online store in the UK selling the best CBD e-liquid, not all chargers for vaping devices are made equally. Each vaping device has its designated charger and using any other can directly impact the battery’s performance. Therefore, if you want to maintain the ideal battery health & safety, only use the charger that came with your vaping device. This is because the charger is certified by the manufacturer to be used with a compatible vaping device. 

Additionally, avoid buying any cheap third-party chargers for your vaping device.

  1. Don’t Let Your Vaporiser Battery Drain Completely

Draining rechargeable batteries completely will harm the health of the battery. This is because each battery comes with its specific charge cycles and one charge cycle denotes charging from 0 to 100 percent. That means, if a battery is charged from 50 to 100 percent, only ½ battery charge cycle will be used. 

According to a company offering the best CBD e-liquid in the UK, when you drain your vape battery completely to 0 per cent every time and charge it up to 100 per cent, a single battery charge cycle is completed. That means, if you practice such a procedure over time, your vape’s battery will get kaput pretty quickly and you have to look for replacements sooner than later. 

Thus, if you want your vape’s battery to last for a long time, don’t let the battery die every time. Top-up your battery charge whenever possible, so that you can delay the depletion of the limited amount of battery charge cycles.

  1. Try To Invest In Another Battery

If possible, it’s suggested that you invest in another battery for your vape, as you can rotate your batteries whenever needed. So, if you use your vape regularly, having a spare battery is always a lifesaver, especially when you run out of charge or during emergencies. 

Furthermore, using more than one battery ensures that you don’t overuse either of the two, which means you can expect both of them to last for a long time. 

  1. Store Your Vape With At Least Some Charge

In case you’re not going to use your vape for a couple of days, then it’s always better to store your vape with at least a 50 percent battery charge in it. By following such a practice, you’ll be able to avoid your battery draining completely when it’s not used at all. 

Moreover, if you’re planning to properly store your vape, keep it inside a cool place (not too cold though) because heat destroys battery cells faster than you can ever imagine. 

And that brings us to the end of our extensive battery maintenance guide for your vaping device. We hope that our tips turn out to be super helpful for you during your everyday usage of your vape. In case you have any further queries, be sure to connect with our expert today and get your doubts cleared.